Cool Man in Station

Matsumoto station, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. I wait my friend in front of the station, Matsumoto Station. sit down on brench of station. see the peoples walk a way. japanesee people have different style with another people. as a young i ser the style of japanesee people is cool. harajuku and other style is amazing. 

Coin Hunter

at the pelabuhan roro punggur, batam, indonesia. Now on December 11th, is the short time for holiday, so crowded. Many people go to Bintan Island use ferry roro. in Bintan island almost of them go to lagoi beach and trikora beach. 

in pelabuhan roro punggur, so many aaachildren above the ferry. They swim arrounded ferry and say hello  to passanger. and the passanger respons about it with say hello again and throw the coin in to the children. so crowded situation.